? Hey I'm Amy. I'm a Manchester based User Experience Designer, currently working at Nexer Digital.

I've been working in the digital industry for almost 10 years. I trained in Interaction Design but originally began my career working (somewhat unexpectedly) as a Front End Developer before transitioning into design and learning much of my UX craft at the BBC.  At Nexer, I currently work in public sector, healthcare and education environments. 

For me, the purpose of design has always been to make stuff better. I am particularly passionate about inclusive design, having spearheaded several accessibility projects in my time at the BBC. (Check out one of those below) I love to collaborate with others, experiment, play and learn to find the most impactful solutions. As a child, I was told I asked why too much. I continue to ask why today; endlessly fascinated by people and trying to understand the problems they're having to make stuff better!

Here's a few things I'm particularly proud of:

Project: BBC Green Button: Inclusive TV Triggers 
Making interactive TV triggers accessible for people with colour vision deficiency.

Project: Virgin Care: Sexual Health Hub
A sexual health hub and online medical triage to help people understand symptons and book appointments quickly and without stress.

Project: Raleigh International
A website to showcase Raleigh International's impact, volunteer stories and destinations to inspire a new generation of volunteers.

Article: Class, the tech industry and me
Can the tech industry do more to support people from low-income backgrounds?