United for Unicef

United for Unicef

The brief was to encourage people to buy tickets to the Unicef Gala Ball, a yearly fundraising event held at Old Trafford. The proposition was to challenge the general public to become part of the team, in aid of tackling Child Poverty.

The art direction was to mimic the style of charity ads that feature emotive portraits of children to pull on the heartstrings. This would be turned on it's head using player portraits instead. The players would be wearing suits to signify the 'black tie' nature of the event. The only problem was, we didn't have have the resources to do a photo shoot. My task was to composite the players into photos of suits. No sweat, right?

Compositing & Graphic Design

Manchester United & Unicef

TBWA Manchester

Getting the players into the suits

We were unable to do a shoot due to player and budgetary demands, and so I was tasked with compositing the players into suits.  This required a lot of photoshop skill, attention to detail and time. Luckily, I really enjoy compositing work and was able to rise to the challenge.

I chose to set the players in black and white on a black background. I decided to go for quite harsh lighting, to make the players faces look semi in shadow. This helped to set off the ads emotive pull, and helped the compositing to look more realistic. My aim was to make the comps look like a real photo shoot, the audience should believe they were looking at real photos.

Tieing it all together

Once I had completed the compositing work, the images of the players were used in several formats. This included a 48 sheet, a bus shell ad, a magazine ad, and an email. For the email invitation, I chose to add the baroque style lines to compliment the typography. This helped the invitation to feel more exclusive. 

The creative team and client were both delighted with the results. Despite the challenging budget, we had achieved a visually powerful and effective campaign. I was immensely proud to get to see my work up on a 48 sheet outside of Old Trafford. As a designer, I enjoyed the challenge of this project and it remains one of my favourite projects I've worked on to date.

Project Team

Anthony Harris

Zoe Harris