Timetrakr app

The timesheet system at TBWAManchester was only useable via a desktop. This was a problem as a lot of staff where often out of office with only access to a phone. This inspired a self initiated project involving myself, Terenze Yuen and Mark Daws. Together we created, developed and rolled out the app agency wide making use of the adsoft API. We created our own product 'Timetrakr' which was tested by TBWA staff members in real time and iterated upon.

UX & App Design

Self Initiated


Design & User Experience

A common problem in the agency was users failing to fill in all their hours.  With the app, users are able to see where they are missing hours through use of colour for each day. This is as well as a coloured progress bar for the current day.  As well as visual cues, we used push notifications to send a reminder at the end of each day.

The design utilises a simple swipe navigation that allows users to switch between days of the week. We made use of apples iOS 8 icon library, this made the app feel akin to default apple applications. The idea was to create familiarity and make the app intuitive and natural to use for everyone. I chose to use a colour spectrum effect on the client list screen. This has the advantage of users being able to quickly scroll and use colour as a navigational method and memory aid.


Project Team

Mark Daws

Terenze Yuen