Inspiring & engaging London commuters

Smile for London

Smile for London is an arts project and open competition that started in 2011 funded by Smile Arts. The projects aim was to bring a smile to London commuters faces, for two weeks in January. The advertising screens on the London underground where transformed to instead show 20 second animations. I decided to submit an entry, and was lucky and priviledged to have my work chosen to be displayed.

Motion Graphics 

Transport for London

Spreadsheet Invasion

The idea for 'Spreadsheet Invasion' initially came from thinking about office worker commuters. The piece creates a way to brighten their day by imagining playing space invaders in their workspace. The animation was painstakingly made by moving blocks frame by frame in excel and taking screenshots.

Spreadsheet Animation went on to become the official winner of the Smile for London competition 2011 and was broadcast on the London Underground in January 2011 alongside animations by studios such as Ardman and Airside. Later it was shown at various venues around London during the London 2012 Olympics.

Smile for London: Word in Motion

I was asked to work with Smile Arts again the next year on their second event Smile for London: Word in Motion. The same principal, but this time they bought together animators and poets to create typographic animations. I chose 'I accelerate' a poem by Musa Okwonga about the pace of modern life and collaborated with Louise Lawlor to create the final piece.

Motion graphics & video editing

You can see more of my motion graphics over at my vimeo channel. If you'd like to see more samples of my video-editing work, please get in touch via email.