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Alzheimers Research UK

Dementia is a growing concern in modern society. In fact, it is the biggest killer of women in England and Wales, almost three times as many women as breast cancer. A cure desperately needs to be found. Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity. We were challenged with creating them a new website utilising their new rebrand, to help them fight for a cure. 

Visual Design

Alzheimers Research UK

Reason Digital


Bringing the new brand to life online

Alzheimers Research UK had recently undergone a rebrand and a key part of our brief was to bring their website to life using this new, positive and modern brand. For this we decided to use the diagonal lines throughout, as taken from the symbol in their logo. These lines, which point upwards towards the right, project a feeling of positivity across the website.

Balancing the colour palette was also key, I chose to use blue as the main colour. This gives the website a refreshed, crisp feel and brings through the scientific nature of the charities mission. The dark purple was used for text and buttons as it provided the best contrast. Finally, the brightest colour, the orange was used purely for donation related actions. This strict colour palette was key in us driving users to perform key actions, such as donate.

Post-Block Design System

The website houses many types of content as Alzheimers Research UK have many types of target audience. This lead to a lot of different post types, such as Research Posts, Grant Posts, Blog Posts etc. Each of these needed a block design to link to each individual post. These can sit side by side as "related content" at the bottom of each page. The key challenge was making these blocks look consistent, but also individual for each post type.  

Visually, I decided to tie these blocks together using a diagonal line rising upwards. This was developed as a graphical device taking inspiration from Alzheimers Research UK's new logo. This was a visual device that would be used across the website. 

Pattern library

The website is large with a lot of different content, from Research Projects and Grants through to Fundraising Ideas. With this in mind, I created a large pattern library to allow for future growth. Below is a small selection of elements included in the pattern library. 


A major focus for ARUK, as a research charity, was to help people to understand that their focus was on the people affected by Alzheimer’s. We also chose to use a 70/30 split when it came to imagery of people vs. science, to highlight that people running, baking, and donating are just as important as test tubes, slides and chemicals. 

A platform for the future

By working closely with the development and content team we developed a platform for the charity to build upon. Since the launch of the website, the goal conversion rate has increased. Staff have also reported reduced workload for maintaining the website. The website continues to grow and develop using the robust design system.

Project Team

Adam Hopwood

Mark Taylor
Austin Ainley

Rachel O'Sullivan